Condenser Water Loop

The condenser water loop project upgrade consists of two chilled water pumps, two condenser water pumps, one air separator, an expansion tank, three Alfa Laval heat exchangers, and all related piping. Hot taps are required to tie into the existing condenser water and chilled water piping systems. The entire system is brazed copper and welded black steel located in a basement mechanical room. The Condenser water loop supports distribution to 34 cold rooms on various floors. Shown in the images below, Dave Gray, the foreman for the project, is installing flex connectors on the pump connection points. Also pictured is Subberor James, a Journeyman, who is performing welding.

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Cold Rooms

Corporate Mechanical is also replacing existing evaporators and condensers in 34 cold rooms. This work includes the installation of new temperature control devices, MCT4 monitoring controllers, and refrigerant leak detectors.