Biotech & Pharmaceutical

Our skilled and trained teams are experts in solving the technical issues inherent in biotech & pharmaceutical construction and maintenance. We will deliver successful solutions for cutting-edge manufacturing and research facilities.


Corporate Mechanical of New England provides cost-effective solutions inherent to the complex challenges of commercial construction. We are LEED certified and we deliver sustainable, measurable, and innovative results every time.


We understand the intricacy of building within the seasonal academic calendar. We will work within your budget and schedules, providing construction plans that maximize safety with minimal disruption to student learning.


We deliver new water treatment plant construction, expansions and modifications with unparalleled expertise. We anticipate your project needs early and bring a positive impact to your budget and schedule with innovative project designs.


Our know-how and experience in healthcare construction enables us to succeed in every project we complete. Healthcare construction brings unique challenges, but we’ll ensure the project is carried out safely, without interrupting patient care.


Corporate Mechanical of New England persistently identifies efficiencies for our hospitality clients. Our comprehensive site management and our focus on safety, enable us to deliver projects without disruption to your daily operations.

Manufacturing & Industrial

We understand the intricate construction requirements needed when working around complex, cutting-edge manufacturing and industrial equipment. We take an innovative approach to problem-solving and safeguard your operations with minimally impacted by project schedules.


We have the resources and experience to handle complete construction processes on schedule, while leveraging advanced technologies to optimize the efficiency of building a power generation facility.