Corporate Mechanical has been working on the core Mechanical / HVAC systems to support the new 13-story, 298,700 sf building in Boston’s Marine Industrial Park. Levels 2-4 are garage space for parking, levels 5-12 are office areas and the 13th floor is a Mechanical Penthouse and Employee Amenity Space. Corporate has also recently started working on the first tenant occupancy of the building which includes three floors. Building completion is scheduled for the Spring of 2020.

Two Dry Dock at ground level.

Piping insulation on roof.

Rooftop cooling tower.

VFD and piping connections to rooftop cooling tower.

Back view of chiller in the mechanical penthouse

Grundfos pump skid for cooling tower water.

Foreman Mike Lesley observing pipe risers in mechanical penthouse.

Grundfos pump skid for cooling tower water.