IDB, Innovation and Design Building, Boston

Corporate Mechanical is working with Consigli Construction on a new lab conversion project for the Innovation and Design Building, IDB, located in the Boston Seaport area. The IDB includes three eight-story buildings, 21-25, of which 100,500 sqft of existing office space will be converted into lab facilities.

The HVAC scope that Corporate Mechanical is working on includes demo, pipe fabrication, and installation for glycol and water systems, fuel oil, and chemical treatment systems. They will also be installing sixty-five pieces of equipment. The work is taking place on levels 1 and 5-8. The project is projected to be completed in the spring of 2023.

Pipe fabricated in Corporate Mechanical facility. The pipe was marked with green representing processed chilled water and blue for chilled water. The rooftop also had green and blue marks to simplify installation. The first load of 22,000 feet of pipe was transported to the site and rigged to the rooftop.

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